Shaping the future of health systems

We are a company that started this adventure in ICT world of workflow solutions for medicine 11 years ago in Timisoara, Romania, having in mind that added value comes from innovation and passion.


Syonic is a top  innovative eHealth company and community builder in Central and Eastern Europe.


In a short time span, together with the users and to serve their needs, we deliver smart, adaptive, data driven software solutions.


We support a healthy life, sports, young talents, culture and traditions, inside and outside of the company.


We develop and implement highly accessible and user friendly solutions in the medical field integrating a modern concept of Electronic Health Record with ePrescription, eCard, eReimbursment and other modules, thus creating a complete electronic medical framework that is both flexible and easy extensible.


We are a young, energetic and quality driven team. We come with all kind of talents and ideals, from an intercultural background.

Proud of who we are, proud of our professional life because we can see the difference that our work really matters for the medical field.


Can you see yourself applying your skills together with Syonic Team, join us! We always keep an open door for talent, being in constant search for all kinds of professionals, but also passionate students.

Do not hesitate to share your vision with us.


Online Electronic Medical Framework

Innovative concept  of a  highly accessible and user friendly software solution designed to support the full administrative and medical workflow for healthcare services suppliers, like doctors’ offices, diagnostic centres, clinics and hospitals

100% web-based, developed in-house, implemented and operated by Syonic

Online since 2007 with 15000 unique users that manage more than 11 million patients.

Comprehensive medical informatics system based on a unique Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Enabling all medical service providers to work truly in real time and on the same EHR

Integrates GP, Inpatient, Outpatient, Laboratory, Occupational and Personal Records in a single collaborative environment

Covers full workflow for medical and administrative tasks in both public and private healthcare institutions with more than 30 dedicated software modules

icMED is multilingual and already on its international way

Because it is used in regions with different cultures we offer translated user-interfaces, locally adapted modules, multilingual documents for patients and technical support for several eastern European languages and countries, like Romanian, LitHungarian and Russian, with more to come.

icMED is ready for similar countries due to the fact that it is based on modern and smart technologies with extensive highly flexible customization, all in all adaptability to meet local legal, tech standards, data formats.

Keep contact with us to follow our progress!


Data has the potential to become the main driver of innovation and development becoming a unique and unprecedented source of knowledge. If you are interested in projects based on big data, contact us to find out what we together with our community can do.

Syonic through icMED manages massive datasets in real time.

  • + 11 million patients with unique EHR
  • + 4000 healthcare providers with 12000 users
  • + 70 million medical visits, 100 thousand visits daily
  • + 40 million with diagnosis and drug prescription
  • eCARD as of 2009 our own icMED eCARD, integrated the national state card in 2014
  • ePRESCRIPTION functional in 2009, well before the national state implementation, having 30% of market share in Romania on ePRESCRIPTION.
  • 100 million drugs prescribed



Open for partnership with third parties to launch products through our Electronic Medical Framework (EMF) and/or our community that is strong enough to be involved in prior impossible projects.

Always collaborating with Family Medicine Society on various projects:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Screening
  • Vaccination
  • Smart ultrasonography
  • Migration of people
  • Prevention
  • Education and events


icMED community of 15000 users and 11 million patients has the ambition and power to reshape the healthcare system

Added value of the community

The millions of treatment profiles analysed within icMED throughout the years by community doctors are concluding diagnosis profiles and resulting in most common treatment and tests required helpful for the benefit of the patient.


Intercommunication between doctors by asking for a second opinion from community colleagues is leading to better health solutions.


The community monitors several million patients with chronic diseases, improving treatment plans necessary due to the fact the chronic diseases have a large impact on morbidity, health services and costs.


Syonic is motivated and ready to follow new challenges at home and beyond together with its traditional and new partners.

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